WordPress site migration, copying your site and moving it — 3 Comments

  1. Reading this on the heels of your previous GoDaddy article and thought I should mention, BackUp Buddy does not work in GoDaddy environments and the plugin makers do NOT refund purchases.

    Does Duplicator work in shared hosting environments? Particularly GD?

  2. Well according to GoDaddy tech support “all backup plugins are blacklisted for the WordPress Managed Hosting sites”. But I went ahead and installed Duplicator, ran it, and downloaded a full backup. They might remove the plugin (I left it on the site in a deactivated state to see) but they intend to roll out a good backup and restore solution by the end of April 2014 (see my post about the backup situation)

  3. August 2014 – The godaddy customer support advised using Duplicator on the managed wordpress wouldn’t run correctly as the content on the godaddy managed wordpress solution is hosted in a way that converts the uri strings so that they’re more secure. Duplicator cannot read these correctly.

    Instead simply go to the managed wordpress gateway and click ‘create from existing site’. Then install all the contents from the domain you want (enter the domain name, admin username etc plus SFTP details as requested).

    This adds the content to a temporary domain. Last bit then is just amend the primary domain on it to whatever you need to. Job done!

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