One value of a campaign is to raise support for an organization to carry out its mission. Too often, however, organizations of all sizes prioritize other activities over conducting a campaign.

One way to address this tendency to put off a campaign is to begin with a “readiness” assessment. This pre-campaign study process can be conducted by a professional consulting firm acting as an objective third party. The study allows an organization to begin planning and organizing, ahead of time, in anticipation of a campaign.

Campaigns are valuable and beneficial

Organizations can publicly articulate their mission, vision, values and successes during a campaign. Other benefits include building a greater awareness of the nonprofit’s brand; and engaging with constituents, addressing any concerns and deepening donor relationships – all while expanding the organization’s donor base for future fundraising.

Campaigns attract new and larger gifts

Campaigns can highlight a variety of needs and the nonprofit’s solutions to these issues. The more this information is shared publicly, the greater the opportunities to uncover prospective donors, cultivate interest in the work and solicit major gifts.

Campaigns engage donors at a higher level

Since we know “involvement leads to investment,” a campaign provides opportunities to involve volunteers and deepen the relationships between the organization and its supporters. Campaigns create momentum that helps to attract gifts of significance. Without a formidable campaign in action, these gifts might never come to fruition.

Dave Smith

Dave Smith
Senior Executive Vice President
Kansas City