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imageKinetic is dedicated to helping nonprofits increase their philanthropic support. Our goal is to help organizations expand their missions, and we consider ourselves fortunate to work with thousands of volunteers, donors and nonprofits as, together, we unleash the Power of Philanthropy.

Consider utilizing the following three strategies to unleash the Power of Philanthropy in your organization:

Remember that involvement leads to investment

Those who give generously of their finances have often given gifts of time and talent previously. Seek ways to involve donors more in the life of your organization. Give prospective donors many opportunities to invest their time and talents… before asking them for financial support.

Ask donors why they give to your organization

Often, as fundraisers, we go straight to the ask without giving those who support us an opportunity to share their reasons for doing so. Many times, donors’ motivations for giving are deeply rooted in their personal experiences and the impact organizations have had on their lives. By asking donors to share their personal perspectives, we demonstrate that we care about them as individuals – not just as donors – and that their financial support is directly tied to those things which are most important to them.

Meet with your donors for annual philanthropic checkups

Just as we visit our doctor each year to make sure our health is on track, we should engage with our donors annually to make sure their philanthropic relationship is on track. We should first express gratitude for their generosity. Then, take time to ask how they feel about the support they have already given: Do they have questions? Are they receiving the information and recognition they desire? Most importantly, invite them to share how their philanthropy to the organization has made them feel. Then, listen.

Our ultimate goal in using these strategies should be to improve donors’ lives and help them experience the joy and love that overflows whenever philanthropy is truly and fully expressed.

As fundraisers, our aim should be nothing less than unleashing the Power of Philanthropy.

Matthew J. Beem, PhD, CFRE, Chairman and CEO,

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Baltimore, Md.
March 29-31, 2020

2020 AFP International Conference
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