You Might Be the Roadblock if…

Karin Cox MFA

The first of the year is a time many fundraisers want to “get their shop in order.”  While you’re reviewing your processes, staff and final results from last year, you might be wondering why you didn’t raise as much money last year as you hoped. You have a great organization with a great mission: why don’t people give more?

Before you start digging and analyzing, start with asking yourself: Am I doing all I can do to lead this organization to fundraising success?

You might be the roadblock to success if you do one or more of the following.

Defend the way you like to do things.

If you spend time talking about how you like something done – or if you use that phrase from time to time – you might be the roadblock. “Liking” something is not a reason to do it. To raise more money this year, use research, evidence, and strategy. If you don’t have a baseline for fundraising success, come up with one this year. At any given time, be able to answer why you are doing something a particular way. And don’t say because you like it.

Complain about lack of board (or other) engagement.

Start by understanding this truth: lack of fundraising success if not your board’s fault. They came to the table wanting to make a difference. What happened to that desire? Chances are, it’s still there – even if dormant. Wake up the fundraising leader in each member of your team, knowing that each person may have a different role to play.

Get angry that people don’t give.

People are giving to organizations all the time. The organizations that receive money are not necessarily those with the best mission or the ones that have the most money to spend on fundraising. By and large, the ones that raise the most spend more time earning their donors’ confidence and trust. Don’t get angry. Get busy.

This year, you will either move right into the roadblock time and time again, or you will remove it and get closer to your goal. Sometimes, the answer is right in front of your nose – if you look in a mirror. There, you may find the barrier – and the answer – to your fundraising success.

Karin Cox, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer (Wilmington, N.C.)

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