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Maximizing Board Resources in Your Development Plan

imageOne of the most common things board members say is that they do not feel comfortable asking for money. At the same time, one of the most common things organizations say is that their board is not a fundraising board.

Both of these represent roadblocks to a nonprofit’s success that, fortunately, can be overcome.

A key responsibility of a board is to provide fiscal oversight and, for nonprofits, that includes fundraising. Here are a few tips to maximize your board’s potential and use this resource to drive your organization’s mission:

Lead by example

Receiving an annual gift from 100 percent of your board members should be a standard expectation. All board members should be asked to provide a gift that is meaningful and significant to them – one that reflects their passion and commitment to the organization’s mission. Many potential donors, especially foundations, will not consider investing in a nonprofit if the people closest to the organization are not giving.

Follow the five-step process

A board member does not need to be directly involved in asking a donor for a gift to have an impact on the campaign or development process. The five-step process to donor solicitation involves identifying the prospect, qualifying their ability to make a gift, cultivating the prospect to engage them in your organization, asking for the gift, and then thanking them in various ways. People have different abilities, so identify your board members’ strengths, and give them opportunities to leverage those appropriately.

Provide ongoing board recruitment and training

Constant cultivation and recruitment of top business and community leaders is needed to keep a board vibrant. Do not assume that when individuals join your board, they will know what they need to do. Train them in their responsibilities, so they know their role as board members and are active and engaged.

Board members accept the position with an organization because they want to make a difference. Be sure to give them that opportunity.

Ross Pfannenstiel, Senior Vice President (Kansas City) ross@kineticfundraising.com


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