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Just Finished a Campaign? Time to Start Another!

imageAfter wrapping up a campaign, the last thing many nonprofits want to think about is starting a new one.

“We’re just so relieved to be finished. Why would we want to launch another campaign so soon?”

Glad you asked. The following are three reasons why getting the next campaign started right on the heels of the last one is a smart strategy.

A new campaign allows you to:

Slingshot on the previous campaign’s momentum.
Now that you have finished a campaign, it is time to capitalize on your new learning curve. You should now have a longer list of supporters than you did when you started last time. You have raised your visibility and proven you know how to succeed. For many potential donors, “seeing is believing.” They may have hung back or given a small gift to the last campaign, but now that they know you are poised to do great things, they may be more interested in giving a major gift.

Cultivate new donor relationships.
If your last campaign was a success, you likely uncovered new supporters. They gave gifts when asked, because they cared about the mission. Yet, they haven’t been around long enough for you to understand why they cared or just how much. A new campaign will give you a great chance to find out. Spend more time with them. Ask them what they believe should be the next goals for the organization. Invite them to serve on a campaign steering committee. Engage them while the good memories of a successful campaign are still fresh.

Emphasize something new.
Was the last capital campaign for academics? Is it time for a new campaign for athletics? If the last campaign emphasized capital and equipment, perhaps a Legacy campaign that focuses on endowment, but still offers capital opportunities is in order? Give donors a variety of avenues to become more connected to the mission.

When done right, a campaign is a transformational experience that not only fulfills your goals, but sets you up for “what’s next.” If you need help ensuring your next campaign is a success, don’t hesitate to ask for help. We’re here for you – for your next campaign and for the one to follow.

Bud Cooper, Executive Vice President (Kansas City) bud@kineticfundraising.com

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