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imageIt takes courageous leadership to advance your mission. Successful fundraising is about the mission, not simply about money. Your organization may have a worthy vision, but if you do not have the resources available to step out for those you serve, you will never advance your mission.

Courage alone won’t raise money, but without a courageous outlook about fundraising, you will remain stuck with the status quo. Here are some tips for giving your staff and board leadership a boost of courage:

Unify Your Leadership Around the Vision
If your nonprofit’s leadership isn’t unified under one vision for the organization, it will be difficult to have the courage to raise money. Knowing what will be accomplished with more money will help give board members and others confidence to talk about the mission (not just the money) and to share why the organization is worthy of support.

Undergo a Comprehensive Fundraising Plan
Once a strong vision is established and agreed upon, developing a Comprehensive Fundraising Plan is the next step in advancing the mission with courage. As you develop your plan, ensure you have taken the time to analyze past fundraising activities, define objectives and goals for each fundraising effort, create a method to track and evaluate progress, outline a timeline, and ensure you have a strong case for support that outlines your organization’s vision.

Enlist Fundraising Professionals
Leadership will be more apt to assist in the fundraising process when they have trusted professional fundraising counsel and a well-trained development team guiding the effort. Hiring the right fundraising professionals provides a great return on investment to advance your mission.

Take the time today to evaluate your leadership. Do your board members have the courage they need to advance your organization’s fundraising? If they don’t, take the time to help them build their courage and confidence in the fundraising process.

Janell Johnson, Senior Vice President (Wilmington, N.C.) jjohnson@kineticfundraising.com

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