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Regaining Campaign Momentum

imageSlowed. Stalled. Stuck. These are dreaded words for any major gift campaign.

All campaigns will have ebbs and flows, but when things start to stagnate, it’s easy to lose the motivation needed to push forward.

Here are some tips to regain confidence, build momentum and finish well:

Map out your plan

It’s discouraging if you can’t see a path to the finish line. If you don’t have a comprehensive campaign plan, pause and get one. If you need professional guidance to develop that plan, ask for help. Everything associated with a campaign should be mapped out with budgets and benchmarks – from the silent phase and lead gift to the roll out of the public announcement to the capstone celebration. Everyone should know “what’s next” on the horizon.

Maximize your opportunities with a match

Challenge grants are a great way to add energy and build enthusiasm. If you know a donor is interested in giving a sizeable gift, use it to leverage additional giving by adding a challenge. This creates interest and excitement to any campaign.

Measure (and celebrate) your success

Benchmarks keep the campaign team focused and accountable. Establish realistic, yet ambitious, short-term quarterly or semi-annual goals in addition to smaller, bite-sized goals. Don’t only set financial goals; establish goals for a variety of objectives: adding new prospects, meeting with lapsed donors, sharing the nonprofit’s mission and outcomes with local civic organizations, etc. Set your team up to win.

Even small wins are motivating, and motivation builds confidence and momentum. Provide your campaign team with the right map, methods and measurements to see the progress they are making from start to finish.

Ross J. Pfannenstiel, Executive Vice President, ross@kineticfundraising.com

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