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Marketing Strategies to Support Your Fundraising

imageThe perfect time to refine and broadcast your organization’s message is prior to embarking on a campaign.

Consider this: What do donors and the general public know about your organization? It may not be as much as you think, and what they do think may not be accurate. This is a key reason why pre-campaign assessments are necessary. A pre-campaign assessment allows you to objectively assess what people know about the organization, so you can make informed, targeted adjustments to your strategies.

Here are three questions to ask, so you can get your message to a more interested audience:

Who are we?

Does your nonprofit’s web site adequately reflect what you do and how lives are changed because the organization exists? If someone with fresh eyes were to visit the site, what would that person learn – within a minute – about your mission and how you practically implement the mission? What recent, positive outcomes are showcased? Do all your platforms – web site, social media and hard-copy materials – present a clear and cohesive brand? Have you solicited objective feedback to these questions?

Who knows what we do?

Seth Godin, marketing author and entrepreneur says, “When you seek to engage with everyone, you rarely delight anyone.” Rather than starting with a goal of reaching your maximum audience, focus on “the minimum viable audience.” What groups and individuals already know about you? Start with staff, board members, volunteers, vendors, individuals and families served, etc. – then enlarge the circle.

Who else needs to know?

A “spray-and-pray” approach is neither time efficient nor cost effective. Thankfully, there are numerous low-cost analytics available for identifying new markets. For example, identify prospects whose interests already align with your mission, especially as it relates to various sectors like education, the arts, children, the environment, history, healthcare, etc. The list is limitless.

Marketing and fundraising are quite different, but they need to complement one another, so the benefits of each can be leveraged to advance the other.

Becky Brown, Vice President, bbrown@kineticfundraising.com

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