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Smart fundraising ideas from Kinetic

Increase Visibility with Press Releases

imageWhen writing press releases, be as specific as possible. Media outlets will dig through press releases to develop their own articles, so you want to include interesting details and answer any questions readers may be asking themselves about your organization and its activities.

A few pitfalls to avoid:

Don’t go there.
If an issue cannot be commented on thoroughly, do not allude to it in the press release. That will only beg the question. Include only topics your organization would like to discuss at length.

Don’t forget to give credit where credit’s due.
Be sure to reference in the press release all those who have made your progress possible. It is easy for organizations to take credit for improvements, but smart ones give away all the credit they can.

Don’t be a one-source wonder.
Include names of individuals that readers may contact for more information. Often, reporters will only call the organization and the contact issuing the press release. However, this can lead to one-source stories. You may be able to move your press release ahead of others by including quotes and information from several sources, making your news item more intriguing and comprehensive.

Break down significant events into multiple press releases issued in sequential weeks. For example, if your organization has a big change to announce, consider releasing the general information one week; information about how the change will affect the organization’s facilities the next week; and then a third press release focusing on how the change will improve the lives of those you serve. Press releases are an inefficient and inexpensive method for increasing your organization’s visibility, especially if you avoid the pitfalls.

Matt Beem, President and CEO (Kansas City) matt@kineticfundraising.com


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