How Are You Doing?

imageIn this new world in which we find ourselves – one with simultaneously more and fewer distractions – we have each other’s attention. We’re taking a little more time during phone calls and virtual meetings to check in with each other: “How are you doing?” How’s your family?” and “How’s the weather where you are?” are genuine questions, not passing greetings.

We have traded the suits, leather office chairs and stacked bookcases for comfortable clothes, adorable pets and personal artifacts or a child playing in the background.

Right now, we’re paying attention. We have a rare opportunity to get to know our donors, in a real, connective and human way.

Before we get back to a new normal, and forget how real these relationships are, let’s vow to keep our attention where it matters. Here are a few things we’ve learned that we may want to take with us:

Keep asking questions and listen
Don’t lose the personal touch that comes when life slows down a little. When we ask a question, let’s make sure it’s genuine. Then, let’s wait for the answer. Remember how good it feels to connect with others in times of vulnerability.

Keep appreciating people
When was the last time a phone call ever felt so welcome? Let’s not take for granted how good it feels to hear the voice of a friend, see a familiar face on our computer or receive a handwritten letter in the mail.

Keep being real
We have all bonded through this shared adversity. We have felt each other’s pain, fear, hope and relief. During this time, have we become more attentive, flexible, natural, creative and innovative? Or did we just forget how important these traits were, every day?

This season has affected us all in many ways. We are acutely aware of what matters most: our health and wellbeing, as well as that of our friends, families, coworkers, neighbors and communities. Even when we are back together in a safer place, let’s hold onto the best lessons with dear life.

Stay safe, and if you need any help, let’s connect.

Karin Cox, President and Co-Founder,

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