StatSurfer dashboard widget doesn’t use Google Analytics.

StatSurfer is the evolution of StatPress and StatPress Reloaded, the plugin is therefore consistent with the data of the two StatPress systems.

I like the aggregate display graph and the alternative view of the site traffic that doesn’t run through Google.

statsurferThe plugin allows you to surf easily and quickly in the statistics of your website. Collect information about visitors, spider, search engines, browser, operating systems and more.

Once activated StatSurfer, the system will begin automatically  to collect data about visitors of your website. Thanks to the pages in the Admin Panel you’ll be able to see easily and quickly the movements of visitors.


StatSurfer is a WordPress plugin that lets you to surf easily and quickly in the statistics of your website.


statsurfer screenshot

Thanks to StatSurfer you can see in detail the statistics of your blog: graphs and summary tables will show you all the movements of visitors of your blog. Daily, monthly and annual charting,  steady updating data that easily allow you to control the performance of your website. With the new Dates Selector function you can surf forward and backward in time to never miss a second of the evolution of your WordPress blog. (see more screenshots at the StatSurfer website)


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