Training and Mentoring

Training and Mentoring provides one-on-one customized counsel for executive directors and fundraisers. We provide skill building, resource development and problem solving. This helps defray the costs nonprofits incur which is usually associated with seminars. Tailored training and mentoring also can shorten a fundraiser’s learning curve.

Executive Search

Kinetic’s Executive Search service helps you define, identify, screen and select key professional and volunteer leadership for your organization. Aligning with Kinetic for an executive search removes any guesswork in the hiring process by better identifying a job and its requirements early in the recruiting process. Our database of development professionals provides access to qualified, successful candidates. We profile fundraising and success trait indicators as we identify the right prospects. We provide candid feedback and offer negotiation support. By focusing on applicants who share the values of your organization, Kinetic will seek a candidate who will have a long-term, productive commitment to your institution.

Grant Writing

Grant Writing support helps you tackle that important, but time-consuming job of seeking foundation and government funding. In addition to grant writing, we help develop new sources of funding while increasing existing grants through education, research and detail management.

Prospect Research

Prospect Research helps you identify key individuals with the capacity to provide significant financial support and the potential interest to do so. Our research capabilities feature individual prospect profiles. This powerful, multi-level database research provides deep insights on major donors and is commonly used by organizations with 10,000-plus records in their database. We also provide broad-based individual, foundation and corporate prospect research.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning helps inspire your leadership and supporters to rally around a common focus. Our team-oriented, strategic-planning process refines your vision and mission, relevance and direction, brand and benefits, and much more. It addresses operations, marketing, personnel, volunteers and finances, including fundraising. The plan includes timelines, benchmarks, budgets and action items.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail provides a personalized, cost-effective way to encourage support and show appreciation. It maintains regular, positive contact with donors and prospects while cultivating future gifts. Well-crafted direct mail increases your response during special solicitations, special fundraising drives and membership retention and acquisition efforts. We provide counsel and hands-on support for writing, packaging, timing, list selection and segmentation for thematic direct-response mechanisms.

Board Development

Board Development helps builds confidence and esprit de corps. Through formal and informal sessions, we build the expertise of a fundraising board. We also address issues of communications, personnel management, roles and expectations, board recruiting or other topics. Our consultants are board members for many organizations in their hometowns and nationally.

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications build value by communicating, educating and motivating others to invest time, money or interest. It protects your brand as it brings clarity and consistency. We provide counsel, planning and implementation for a wide range of strategic marketing needs: branding, constituent communications, case statement development, media relations, research, audits, speech training, annual reports and newsletters, events and more.

Incentive and Bonus Compensation Plans

Incentive and Bonus Compensation Plans provide motivation and drive optimum performance. Our incentive and bonus compensation plans convert measurable fundraising outcomes into meaningful rewards. Work plans, performance objectives and performance-measurement systems match professional guidance with organizational goals, creating outcomes that benefit employees and your organization.

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