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  1. No offense, but this is one of the most ridiculous reviews that I’ve ever read. You have an odd email requirement, you didn’t confirm that the host handles that requirement, and then you slam them and reviewed practically nothing about the real reasons someone chooses a host. It pisses me off that this review achieved a high Google rank.

    Too make matters worse, you handle email and your odd requirements in an absurd way. Move your email (MX records) to be hosted by Gmail (actually Google Apps) for free, then in addition to the full fledged email addresses, you can create an unlimited number of aliases in the control panel and you can also create an unlimited number of on the fly aliases by adding characters after the plus sign. For example, if your address is, you can use You can do that with any Gmail account.

    • Steve, no offense, but the point of the post was not to dis WebHostingHub, but to illuminate that some users may have specific technical requirements that many hosts can accomodate, but some may not. I used this particular event as an example of how that could play out.

      WebHostingHub has good and valid reasons for their catchall email policy, but only because of that policy they were not a fit for my business and the way I work. Otherwise they seemed to be a good hosting solution.

      I don’t have to move my MX records to Google, bluehost works just fine for creating multiple email addresses for my domain, and if I want to take advantage of the gmail alias flexibility I also have a gmail account I can use for the trick. And by the way you can also divide up your account name in gmail with a “.” For example could be entered as It still comes to, but most servers will see account and acc.ount as two different email addresses.

      Thanks for taking the time to read this 2-year-old post.

    • I agree with the publisher, I have the same email need and this information is great to know. When I purchase a domain, I don’t want to use gmail or hotmail or any other internet email, for my needs, I want to be able to download and I need to create emails on the fly. Thanks for the info

  2. Webhostinghub is by far the worst company in the hosting business. This is what they will do to you. they arbitrarily suspend your website saying that you are using more cpu resources then allowed, but what they don’t tell you how much you are allowed. If this happens for the third time, they will suspend your site and package your information and tell you to move somewhere else. They will not give you an option to fix the problem or time to back up the site. Additionally, if you have a WordPress site with them, they technical support sucks, they don’t don’t know wordpress but yet to sell you their service, they make you believe that are wordpress experts. Refunds, if you pay them for a complete year, which they will gladly charge you, but if they suspend you, they will not refund for the months you have not used. Be careful with this webhosting company, they are not working in your best interest. Remember is, don’t use them.

  3. I had WebhostingHub for one day. The sales people tell you everything you want to hear but after you join the the support lady I talked to knew very little and kept putting me on hold and never solved the problem and asking for a level two support person was denied. I also found out that the are telling you after you sign up that you might have to upgrade your account for using too much CPU power. So the $3.99 a month for a 3 year contrack might end up costing from $13.99 up to !9.99 per month. So buyer BEWARE! Nothing on their site tells you about this at all. OH but you have 100% unlimited bandwidth.

  4. Hey Hartsook & Your Readers,

    First, I do have to agree that a lot of web hosting review sites are just complete crap. Meaning they don’t provide much value. Basically, just affiliates trying to get commissions. A lot of them will tell you pretty much anything to get you to sign up. I do run a hosting review site, but please don’t put me in the same category as all those other sites though. I do so much research and try to provide accurate information.

    With GoDaddy they did change management and it was actually for the best. I mean over the years they have integrated cPanel into their hosting, but I still don’t recommend them.

    BlueHost is a pretty decent hosting company. I do have to agree with you that at times BlueHost does have some performance issues. Honestly, I am expecting this with pretty much every EIG owned company.

    WebHostingHub is actually one of my favorite host. But, they only support sites that don’t get a ton of traffic. Meaning that if you get more than 300 unique views per day they probably won’t work for you. They do have a sub brand; InMotion. They are much better and can support so much more. I have been using them for 6+ years.

    For email accounts I usually just use gMail or change my MX records to push through their servers. I am really not a huge fan of email through any hosting company. There seems to be a lot of bugs and they can really use a ton of your resources.

    All the best,
    Garen Arnold

  5. WebHostingHub is the absolute worst.

    I chose them as my first host because I read that they have great customer service and as someone new to blogging, I thought that the support would come in handy. However, I have found that this is entirely lip service. I have had numerous issues with my sites over the last 6 months and when I ask questions or attempt to resolve issues, I have been met with ineptness and sometimes even rudeness. They claim that they don’t know the issue, can’t comment on the issue or deal with the issue, and then they become rude and almost hostile to the paying customer.

    The final straw was when they were supposed to email me a form to sign, but did not attach it. When I pointed this out and asked that it be re-sent, I received a reply stating that I had already been provided with the material and it was not their problem. I have never experienced such a thing, but you can be sure that I will be taking my websites and going somewhere else, even if I lose money on the year of hosting I purchased.

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