As the holiday season quickly approaches, everywhere, we see this reminder: ‘Tis the Season…

We see it in commercials, newspaper ads, online banners, social media, billboards and numerous other platforms that draw our attention to the commercial side of the holidays.

For nonprofits, ‘Tis the Season… is even more important and meaningful. As a major gift fundraiser, I have the privilege of experiencing, firsthand, how ‘Tis the Season… can change the lives of people and communities, throughout the year, whenever the Power of Philanthropy is unleashed. Yet, now, it especially ‘Tis the Season to give, volunteer and consider the needs of others. No gift of time or money is too small or insignificant.

Giving is reciprocal. Everyone benefits. I am reminded of this when I see my own children taking part in acts of giving. My daughter and a group of her friends from school recently spent a weekend at a local food bank helping to collect and sort food. My son’s Boy Scouts of America Troop visits a group home for children, every year, to bring presents and spend time playing games and socializing with the youth waiting to be placed with caring families.

As we see so many caring people stepping up to help, let’s be reminded of how important the work of fundraising is to so many people.

From Giving Tuesday to the New Year, many nonprofits will see their greatest influx of donations at this time; and these gifts can make the difference between someone having a hot meal and shelter … or not.

Our gifts matter. What we do matters. The great thing about giving—gifts of time, philanthropic support, human kindness and love—is that we can experience the joy of giving year round. We don’t need to wait until ‘Tis the Season…; but, as fundraisers, we can use this time to rekindle a love for what we do year round.

When we all join in, in ways great and small, we may inspire those around us to give, so they too may experience the positive, life-changing Power of Philanthropy.

Ross J. Pfannenstiel
Executive Vice President

Kansas City

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