Sometimes plugins just don't play nicely with each other

Problem Reported:

With Simple Facebook Connect installed, the version of  Grunion Forms that comes with Jetpack no longer shows the form when the post is displayed. The short codes show up in the editor, but the form itself doesn’t display.





But, if I deactivate Simple Facebook Connect the Grunion forms show up in the post.

Response :

(here’s the current discussion thread on the Simple Facebook Connect support forum  that I started)

Pieter Hartsook:

Simple Facebook Connect still disables the display of Grunion forms (included with Jetpack). The contact form shortcodes are there in the post, but don’t display until I deactivate SFC.

Otto (Samuel Wood, Simple Facebook Connect author)

Yes, we know. The contact forms in Jetpack (previously Grunion) are doing-it-wrong. The proper people have been notified.

Status = not fixed:   (as of May 20, 2012)

So the issue is not resolved yet. The solution is to either use another forms plugin like Contact Form 7 or another Facebook Open Graph Protocol plugin, or just bid your time until Automatic fixes the Jetpack problem. In this case we needed the forms more than the Facebook connect functionality right now, so we deactivated SFC.


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