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December 12, 2017

Receiving, Giving, and Celebrating

imageA valuable and timeless tenet of fundraising is: money follows mission. This is particularly true when we adhere to the principles of receiving, giving, and celebrating.

Here are three tips for receiving, giving, and celebrating:

We’ve all been taught or understood that it is better to give than to receive, but when it comes to money following the mission, we must first “receive” the information that donors are willing to give. We also need to receive the success stories of individuals served by the organization. We need to seek out and receive the important messages the community is sending on what they think about the nonprofit and its mission.

Once we’ve listened, and received these stories and information, then – and only then – have we earned the opportunity to ask for financial support for the organization’s mission. In asking for gifts, we are aware of the opportunity we are giving donors to make a difference. If we are demonstrating outcomes, money will follow the mission.

After receiving client and donor stories and connecting donors with meaningful opportunities to make a difference, it’s time to celebrate. Celebrating means more than acknowledging a gift, it means making an equally meaningful expression of appreciation. It means sharing our joy for what is being accomplished because of a gift.

By receiving, giving, and celebrating, we can continue to connect with donors on a more personal level. This season, let’s remember that the mission comes first; and money follows the mission.

Steven Jones, Executive Vice President (Kansas City) [email protected]

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