A bi-weekly e-mail bulletin written by seasoned fundraising consultants, Strategies for Success contains strategies for major gift fundraising, capital campaigns, nonprofit management, fundraising-related research, educational opportunities, prospect research, the latest fundraising products and tips for honing your professional fundraising skills.


February 2, 2021
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”


November 10
Plan Ahead to Follow-Up

October 13
Adjust Your Methods, not Your Principles

September 1
The Value of a Grant Consultant: Past, Present and Future

August 4
Don’t Cancel Your Fundraising Event… Reimagine It

July 16
The Four C’s of Making a Case

June 9
Stop. Look. Listen.

May 5
How Are You Doing?

April 8
Leverage the Lull

March 3
Vision is the Engine of Philanthropy

February 4
Time Is the Most Valuable Commodity

January 8
The Right Year to Raise More Money



December 24
The Power of Philanthropy™

December 17
Why Writing Is Important to Fundraising

November 26
Mind Your Mission

November 12
Well-Chosen Campaign Committees Are Essential for Success

October 16
Making a Case for Endowment

October 1
End the Year with Appreciation

September 24
Cross the Finish Line

September 10
Use Social Media to Grow Philanthropy

August 20
The Dog Days of Summer

August 6
The Art of Fundraising

July 16
Working with Your Grant Consultant for Campaign Success

July 2
Team. Work.

June 11
The Art of the Apology

June 4
Regaining Campaign Momentum

May 21
Marketing Strategies to Support Your Fundraising

May 7
Leadership Is the Greatest Predictor of Fundraising Success

April 30
Lessons of a Life Well Lived: A Tribute to Henry Bloch

April 16
The Power of Philanthropy

March 19
Building a Donation Page That Generates a Great Return

March 12
Is Procrastination Hurting Your Fundraising?

February 19
Leadership in Philanthropy

February 5
Scrub. Sort. Standardize.

January 31
When is the Right Time for a Major Gift Campaign?

January 23
Time to Declutter Your Database



December 18
Accentuate the Positive

December 10
Major Gifts Are Transformational, not Transactional

November 27
Overcoming Obstacles to Raising Major Gifts

November 14
Are You Building a Culture of Philanthropy?

October 23
Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast

October 9
Creating Versus Waiting for Opportunities

September 19
The Art of Administrating a Nationwide Campaign

August 28
Grow Philanthropy Before It Is Needed

August 14
Fundraising Destination Fundamentals

July 24
The Future of Major Gifts and Estate Pledges is Now

July 17
The Team You Want in Your Corner

June 19
We All Have a Story to Tell

June 13
The Power of Thank You

May 29
Thirty Percent of All Estate Gifts Go Away

May 8
Never Underestimate the Importance of Thanking Donors

April 24

April 11
Take Responsibility

March 26
Don’t Trust Your Nonprofit to a Novice

March 15
Lead in Fundraising: Outsource!

February 21
Just Finished a Campaign? Time to Start Another!

February 14
Advice to Live By

January 17
You Might Be the Roadblock if…

January 9
Somebody is Making Money… All the Time



December 19
Help! My Appeal Letter Failed

December 12
Receiving, Giving, and Celebrating

November 30
Maximizing Board Resources in Your Development Plan

November 22
Hope for the Best, Plan for Contingencies

October 25
The Case is a Salutation, not a Solicitation

October 19
It’s All About the Money… or Is It?

September 26
Build the House

September 13
Never Give Up

August 22
When the Answer is No

August 8
Meet Before You Ask

July 31
What Donors Want

July 25
No Margin, No Mission

June 29
Maximize the Giving Potential of Your Donors

June 20
Advancing Your Mission

May 31
Fundraising from the Heart

May 23
Preparing the Way for New Board Members

April 19
Time to STOP

April 4
From the Back of a Napkin to the Head of the Table

March 28
Have You Made an Investment in Major Gift Fundraising?

March 14
Outside of the Ask: “Why Do I Hear from You Only When You Want Money?”

February 21
Storytelling and the Fine Art of Major Gift Fundraising

February 7
Recruiting Great Fundraising Leaders

January 23
Honoring the Donor’s Hard-Earned Money

January 12
New Year, Timeless Tenets



December 21
Newton’s “Laws” of Fundraising

December 15
Cast a Wider Net

November 29
Are You Asking the Right Questions?

November 21
Create Loyal Donors

October 31
Is Your Leadership Style Pro-Active or Protectionist?

September 26
Major Gift Campaigns Raise More Than Dollars

September 6
Keep the Campaign Steering Committee on Track

August 22
Get Everyone in the Game

August 11
Valuing Estate Valuations

July 29
Be Strategic about Leadership Gift Development

July 25
Are You Asking the Right Questions?

June 30
Treat Foundations as You Would Your Best Donors

June 15
When Your Giving Pyramid is a Rectangle

May 24
Gratitude Equals Dollars

May 17
Donors Want to Make a Good Investment

April 25
Fundraising Costs: Donor Acquisition vs. Renewal

April 20
Plan to Grow Fundraising

March 22
The 3 C’s of Capital Campaign Committees

February 29
The Power of Personal Communication

February 15
Increase Visibility with Press Releases

January 20
Stop Talking About Money

January 14
Make Every Season a Season of Giving