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Ross Pfannenstiel, Kinetic Executive Vice President, eHartsook on Scouting Editor 2020 Summer Issue

Kinetic has a decades-long tradition of helping Boy Scouts of America (BSA) councils – with over $166 million raised for BSA. The Kinetic team helps improve councils’ major gift prospect identification, qualification, cultivation and solicitation; grant research and proposal writing; campaign assessments; estate giving; annual fund planning and implementation; leadership development and more. To learn how Kinetic can help your local council, contact us at or at (866) 630-8500.

Matthew J. Beem

Chairman and CEO

A Message from Matt

In these last several months, I’ve been impressed by the courage, conviction and tenacity of frontline fundraisers who passionately believe in the power of philanthropy. Several principles have emerged that may benefit you in your work advancing your council’s important mission. I call them “lessons learned while leaning into the headwinds.”

Headwinds blow directly against us, creating oppositional, forward motion. Flying into a headwind provides lift that works against gravity. Think of Newton’s Third Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

There always will be headwinds of opposition for raising money: “It’s not the right time to raise money for our council, because… ” Researchers have found that sadness and fear trigger a part of the brain connected to memory, making negative thoughts more vivid than positive ones. It, literally, comes more naturally to be negative than positive.

“Headwinds” of negativity come at us all the time. But as we lean in and move forward, we can gain new heights. I’ve learned the following lessons from leaning into the headwinds:

Committed fundraisers give donors courage.

Courageous fundraisers give donors confidence that Boy Scouts of America’s mission will continue long into the future. By keeping your donors informed, and inviting them to consider supporting the council, you help convey and multiple that confidence.

Difficulty amplifies opportunities.

For many organizations, challenging times provide a platform for expressing the mission in clearer, more meaningful terms. Don’t be shy about sharing your council’s story and good work.

Donors look to fundraising leaders.

Fundraising leaders are able to demonstrate clearly needs, solutions and outcomes. Nearly every time donors are asked what helped them come to a decision about giving, the fundraiser’s role is mentioned.

Right now, we are on the fundraising frontlines of an extraordinary time – an opportunity to give donors the personal satisfaction, enjoyment and fulfillment of giving gifts of significance. Continue moving forward, into the headwinds, serving as a bold representative of the council you serve.


Don’t Hit Pause on Your Fundraising

Traditionally, summer is a busy time for Scouting… merit badges, camping, pinewood derby events, jamborees, etc. But with the advent of COVID-19 concerns, many councils are looking for ways to plan for better days ahead. Good news: Kinetic can help.

Many of our clients are raising more money than ever, because they didn’t hit pause on their fundraising plans. If your council is looking for tailored strategies to get things going and build momentum, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or 866.630.8500.


Serving BSA Councils from Coast to Coast and Around the World

Kinetic has assisted Boy Scouts of America councils from coast to coast and in Europe, including the following councils:

BSA Blackhawk Area Council
Rockford, Ill.

BSA Boston Minuteman Council
Milton, Mass.

BSA Coastal Carolina Council
Charleston, S.C.

BSA Cradle of Liberty Council
Wayne, Pa.

BSA Crater Lake Council
Central Point, Ore.***

BSA Dan Beard Council
Cincinnati, Ohio

BSA Grand Teton Council
Idaho Falls, Idaho*

BSA Greater Cleveland Council
Cleveland, Ohio*

BSA Greenwich Council
Greenwich, Conn.**

BSA Heart of America Council
Kansas City****

BSA Hudson Valley Council
Salisbury Mills, N.Y.**

BSA Mississippi Valley Council
Quincy, Ill.

BSA National Council
Irving, Texas**

BSA Pacific Harbors Council
Takoma, Wash.

BSA Pine Burr Area Council
Hattiesburg, Miss.

BSA Quivira Council
Wichita, Kan.**

BSA Susquehanna Council
Williamsport, Pa.

BSA Trails West Council
Belleville, Ill.**

BSA Transatlantic Council
Brussels, Belgium**

BSA Westark Area Council
Fort Smith, Ark.**

BSA Westchester-Putnam Council
Hawthorne, N.Y.*

*Each asterisk represents an additional council engagement


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Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
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Matthew J. Beem
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