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Ross Pfannenstiel, Kinetic Executive Vice President, eHartsook on Scouting Editor 2020 Spring Issue

Kinetic has a decades-long tradition of helping Boy Scouts of America (BSA) councils – with over $166 million raised for BSA. The Kinetic team helps improve councils’ major gift prospect identification, qualification, cultivation and solicitation; grant research and proposal writing; campaign assessments; estate giving; annual fund planning and implementation; leadership development and more. To learn how Kinetic can help your local council, contact us at or at (866) 630-8500.

Matthew J. Beem

Chairman and CEO

A Message from Matt

During this challenging time, when Scout offices, camps and shops are closed and councils face difficult decisions, we want you to know Kinetic is here to help. If you have questions on how to navigate this season of uncertainty, our team is available to answer your questions and offer insights gathered from over 30 years serving Boy Scouts of America councils.

Here are five time-tested principles to help guide your fundraising:

1. Keep working
As unlikely as it sounds, we will likely face greater challenges in the future than we do today. Anyone who experienced the aftermath of 9/11 or the Great Recession remembers the fear and uncertainty. It was as tempting then, as it is today, to become paralyzed. But from its founding in 1987, Kinetic has helped nonprofits raise money during every difficult event. Some even raised more than they would have otherwise, because they leaned into the unknown and believed in the essential nature of the mission and the power of philanthropy.

2. Keep cultivating
Uncertainty has a way of bringing priorities to the surface. It doesn’t diminish the importance of the work you do; it magnifies it. Use this time of collective concern to underscore the tangible ways your council changes the lives of youth for the better. Reach out to your donors with meaningful messages of care and consideration. Plant virtual seeds today that can be harvested in person tomorrow.

3. Keep thinking
Stay positive, flexible and imaginative. If donors express uncertainty about their ability to fulfill pledges, be open to extending fulfillment periods. Communicate the importance of continuing to give, even if periodic gifts are smaller and pledge fulfillment windows expand. Review your existing campaign commitments and, if donors are concerned, create alternative pledge fulfillment plans.

4. Keep asking
“Nothing” doesn’t exist. While theorists and scientists may debate Aristotle’s postulate that “nature abhors a vacuum,” we know it’s a fact in fundraising. Something will fill the void. No matter what’s going on in the world, someone will move into the empty space. Make sure it’s you. Remember:

  • There always will be people making money.
  • There always will be needs to be met and people who need help.
  • People want to make a difference in the world.
  • People give to people not projects.
  • People give, because they are asked.

5. Keep communicating
Communication conveys appreciation, so stay in touch with donors. Fashion your donor messages around the importance of what your council achieves, especially now. Develop messages that highlight how you change the lives of young men and women. Thankfully, this season of uncertainty will not last forever.

Leverage the lull, and use this time to keep making a difference. And if your council needs answers and advice, contact Kinetic. We’ve helped councils succeed in times of prosperity and through cycles of uncertainty, and we’re here to help you.

Tammy Weinman
Vice President of
Support Services


One day, while stopping by my son’s elementary school, I struck up a conversation with two of his friends. One of the boys was wearing his school uniform; the other boy was wearing jeans and t-shirt. Since this was an unusual occurrence, I asked them about it.

The one young man, wearing his street clothes, explained, “They’re raising money for a new playground. If you give a dollar, you get to wear your own clothes for a day.” Looking over to the other young man, he quickly offered his insights with a smile, “I gave a dollar, too, ’cause I want a new playground, but I don’t care about wearing jeans. I like my uniform.”

Like those two boys, everyone has their own personal reasons for giving. The same goes for major gifts donors. Go here to read more.


Serving BSA Councils from Coast to Coast and Around the World

Kinetic has assisted Boy Scouts of America councils from coast to coast and in Europe, including the following councils:

BSA Blackhawk Area Council
Rockford, Ill.

BSA Boston Minuteman Council
Milton, Mass.

BSA Coastal Carolina Council
Charleston, S.C.

BSA Cradle of Liberty Council
Wayne, Pa.

BSA Crater Lake Council
Central Point, Ore.***

BSA Dan Beard Council
Cincinnati, Ohio

BSA Grand Teton Council
Idaho Falls, Idaho*

BSA Greater Cleveland Council
Cleveland, Ohio*

BSA Greenwich Council
Greenwich, Conn.**

BSA Heart of America Council
Kansas City****

BSA Hudson Valley Council
Salisbury Mills, N.Y.**

BSA Mississippi Valley Council
Quincy, Ill.

BSA National Council
Irving, Texas**

BSA Pacific Harbors Council
Takoma, Wash.

BSA Pine Burr Area Council
Hattiesburg, Miss.

BSA Quivira Council
Wichita, Kan.**

BSA Susquehanna Council
Williamsport, Pa.

BSA Trails West Council
Belleville, Ill.**

BSA Transatlantic Council
Brussels, Belgium**

BSA Westark Area Council
Fort Smith, Ark.**

BSA Westchester-Putnam Council
Hawthorne, N.Y.*

*Each asterisk represents an additional council engagement

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