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Matthew J. Beem, Kinetic President and CEO June 2018

Growing Philanthropy with the Boy Scouts of America

Kinetic Fundraising, Inc. has a decades-long tradition of helping grow philanthropy for Boy Scouts of America (BSA) – with over $163 million raised for BSA councils. Kinetic provides local councils with professional fundraising management and expertise. The Kinetic team helps improve councils’ major gift prospect identification, qualification, cultivation and solicitation; grant research and proposal writing; campaign assessments; estate giving; annual fund planning and implementation; leadership development and more.

To learn how Kinetic can assist your local council email or call us at (866) 630-8500.


A Scout is Kind

Kind: thoughtful, humanitarian, nice.

“Working with the Kinetic family was a real pleasure and well worth our financial investment as their guidance and leadership were instrumental in our success.” Stephen Gray, Hudson Valley Council. To learn how Kinetic can serve you, email or call us at: (866) 630-8500.


Congratulations, National Annual Meeting Winners!

The Mayflower Council Boy Scouts of America (Marlborough, Mass.), represented by Director of Development Jim Corcoran, won a free board training, as well as copies of the book Fundraising Leadership: The Essential Guide for Nonprofit Board Members Who Want to Make a Lasting Difference authored by Kinetic Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer Karin Cox. Ryan Lemons, Director of Development for Last Frontier Boy Scouts of America (Oklahoma City, Okla.), was the winner of an Osprey Atmos 65 hiking backpack at the 2018 National Annual Meeting in Dallas.


Scouting Works

According to Tuft University’s CAMP study, the more time kids spend in Scouting, the better the outcomes in character development. Those who attend meetings regularly report higher outcomes virtually across the board when compared to Scouts with lower attendance. Scouts are more likely to embrace positive social values than non-Scouts.”


Serving BSA Councils from Coast to Coast and Around the World

Kinetic has assisted Boy Scouts of America councils from coast to coast and in Europe, including the following councils:

BSA Blackhawk Area Council
Rockford, Ill.BSA Boston Minuteman Council
Milton, Mass.

BSA Cradle of Liberty Council
Wayne, Pa.

BSA Crater Lake Council
Central Point, Ore.**

BSA Dan Beard Council
Cincinnati, Ohio

BSA Grand Canyon Council

BSA Grand Teton Council
Idaho Falls, Idaho*

BSA Greenwich Council
Greenwich, Conn.**

BSA Heart of America Council
Kansas City****

BSA Hudson Valley Council
Salisbury Mills, N.Y.**

BSA Mississippi Valley Council
Quincy, Ill.

BSA National Capital Area Council
Bethesda, Md.

BSA National Council
Irving, Texas**BSA Northern New Jersey Council
Oakland, N.J.

BSA PeeDee Area Council
Florence, S.C.

BSA Pine Burr Area Council
Hattiesburg, Miss.

BSA Quivira Council
Wichita, Kan.**

BSA Susquehanna Council
Williamsport, Pa.

BSA Texas Southwest Council
San Angelo, Texas

BSA Trails West Council
Belleville, Ill.**

BSA Transatlantic Council
Brussels, Belgium**

BSA Westark Area Council
Fort Smith, Ark.**

BSA Westchester-Putnam Council
Hawthorne, N.Y.

*Each asterisk represents an additional council engagement


Ask Kinetic!

Do you have a tough fundraising question?
Send your questions to and we will respond by email. Your question may be featured in a future eHartsook on Scouting.

QUESTION: We have tried different ways to thank donors. Some donors have liked what we did, but others have implied that we have shown partiality – which we definitely didn’t mean to do. Any suggestions on how to remedy this situation?

Donor appreciation is so important, so it’s good that you’re thinking about this subject. If you don’t have a proper donor recognition and appreciation policy in place, this would be the best place to start. Create a consistent policy that’s available as a reference for anyone, volunteer or staff, doing fundraising for  organization. Make sure everyone understands how important it is to follow through on the organization’s policies and make sure follow up is taking place. Not all donors like to be thanked the same way. Some may have an interest in a naming opportunity for a major gift. Others may want to remain anonymous, but still want to hear, “Thank you.” As you cultivate your donor prospects and get to know them as individuals, this is something you need to learn about them.


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Get to Know the Kinetic Team

Hartsook Vice President Becky Brown has executive-level leadership and management experience and a proven track record of meeting and exceeding fundraising goals. Her background in marketing gives her keen insights for digital marketing utilizing analytics and data mining. As a fundraiser, she helped with the management of more than 135 economic and community development fundraising projects generating over $1 billion in operating revenue for clients. Becky has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Public Administration from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She was nationally recognized on NBC’s the Today Show as an economic development grant recipient and received the Arthur E. Cullman Business Person of the Year.


Strategies for Success: We All Have a Story to Tell

Sharing a clear, consistent, and compelling message – your story – is the most fundamental and cost-effective way to deploy a successful fundraising strategy for your nonprofit. Turn your story into outcomes that are measured over time and shared freely in person, on paper, and on purpose. Train everyone – staff and volunteers – to collect success stories at the time they see and hear them. An integrated plan should reflect the nonprofit’s brand, including the mission (what you do), measured outcomes (how well you do it), and ongoing stories of success (what a difference you’re making). Go here to read more.


Kinetic’s Growing Philanthropy Tour

Kinetic speakers are members of the Kinetic team of professional fundraising consultants who have, in their collective careers, raised more than $231 billion in their 300-plus years of experience. Go here to view upcoming Growing Philanthropy Tour presentations. Go here to view a sample of past presentations. To schedule a Kinetic consultant to speak at your conference or organization, email Tammy at