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Karin L. Cox, MFA – Editor January 2019

Hartsook has assembled a team of specialists who possess expertise in all facets of fundraising. Our diverse array of services are research-based and designed for your fundraising success. As a team, Kinetic consultants have raised billions of dollars for nonprofit campaigns of every size and scope, from very small campaigns and operating budgets to multi-million-dollar campaigns.

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Hartsook Retained to Support Public School Foundation in Missouri

Independence School District Foundation (Independence, Mo.) has hired Hartsook to guide the district’s capital and endowment campaign. The organization’s mission is to strengthen the schools and community by expanding educational opportunities, promoting volunteerism, enhancing learning environments, and providing need-based funding and services for students and families.


Hartsook Co-Founder Featured at 2019 Bridge Conference in Washington, D.C.

Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer Karin L. Cox will present Prepared for Success: Demystifying the Major Gift Campaign at the 2019 Bridge Conference. Hosted by AFP of Washington DC Metro Area Chapter, the Bridge Conference is the premier conference for fundraising and marketing professionals, featuring dynamic keynotes, panels, workshops and networking events provide insights on latest strategies, techniques and innovations in direct response and major donor fundraising.


Oklahoma Nonprofit Delivers More Than Just Meals

Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa, Inc. (Tulsa, Okla.) has retained Kinetic to provide counsel for to support its capital and endowment goals. Meals on Wheels leverages the resources of local organizations, businesses, donors, sponsors and volunteers into a community safety net. Its mission is to provide nutritious meals, wellness checks, and caring contact to elderly and disabled home bound individuals in Tulsa and surrounding areas.\


Kansas City Nonprofit Provides Medical Care to Developing Nations

World Outreach Foundation (Kansas City) provides access to medical care in developing countries, particularly in the Philippines and Dominican Republic. It also offers health and dental care domestically to help break the cycle of homelessness in Kansas City. The organization has retained Kinetic to support its goals to expand and sustain its programs, including the addition of new staff members.


Nurturing Children, Strengthening Families, Building Community

Center of Grace (Olathe, Kan.) has retained Kinetic to provide counsel for its campaign, Growing with Grace. The campaign will support the Center’s goals to expand and renovate its existing facility. This will allow the organization to add designated classrooms to serve students from pre-K to high school and multi-purpose space to serve even more individuals and families. Center of Grace rallies all sectors of the community to serve Johnson County’s lower-income households in order to help improve their circumstances.


Book of the Month

Kinetic President and CEO Dr. Matthew J. Beem‘s book Performance-Driven Fundraising: Taking Control of Your Success shares decades of fundraising insights and features campaign success stories. Performance-Driven Fundraising will help accelerate anyone’s learning curve and serve as a valuable reference tool for new and seasoned fundraisers.


Ask Kinetic!

Do you have a tough fundraising question? Send your questions to We will respond by email and your question may be featured in a future Philanthropy Success.

QUESTION: We’re getting ready to conduct a strategic fundraising plan for the year. One of the questions we’re asking our board and key donors is: “What do donors want?” What feedback would you give to that question?

Donors want to do more than just be generous. They want to make a good investment. So, as part of your strategic planning, set fundraising benchmarks and plan your time, resources and activities accordingly. Whether it is a dollar goal, success stories added to your web site, the number of donor calls made or an increased level of participation at a signature event, make yourself accountability to setting and attaining specific goals. Just as important is communicating with donors regularly. Include communication and appreciation goals to your strategic planning list for the year. Both of these areas of focus – setting goals and achieving outcomes as well as providing ongoing communication and demonstrating donor appreciation – will go a long way in deepening donor relationships that lead to significant gifts.

image Strategies for Success: Stop Talking About the Money

Too many times, those involved in fundraising talk to prospects about money as if raising money is the goal. While fundraising is about money, it is always about something much greater. First, engage potential donors whose interests, desires and values align with your organization’s mission. If you do, you will raise more money. Go here to read more.


Get to Know the Kinetic Team

Dr. Matt Beem chairs the advisory board of the Kinetic Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy at Plymouth University in Plymouth, United Kingdom and is a senior fellow of the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s (UMKC) Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership. He served on the board of trustees of Avila University in Kansas City from 2015-2017 and on the board of trustees of Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa from 2008-2014. Matt is a featured speaker on fundraising and fundraiser compensation in the United States and abroad. He is the author of Performance-Driven Fundraising: Taking Control of Your Success and a co-author of $231 Billion Raised and Counting with Bob Hartsook and Karin Cox. Matt holds a bachelor of journalism in news editorial from the Missouri School of Journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia and a master of public administration in nonprofit management and doctor of philosophy in organizational behavior from UMKC’s Bloch School of Management.

image Kinetic’s Growing Philanthropy Tour

Kinetic Fundraising, Inc. speakers are members of the Kinetic team of professional fundraising consultants who have, in their collective careers, raised more than $231 billion in their 300-plus years of experience. To schedule a Kinetic consultant to speak at your conference or organization, email Tammy at

Grapevine, Texas
February 1, 2019
IGNITE 2019: Conference
Sustainable Fundraising
Karin Cox

Inverness-shire, Scotland
February 4-6, 2019
The Great Fundraising Masterclass
Adrian Sargeant

February 7-8, 2019

LSE Annual Behavioural Public Policy Lecture
Grantham Centre
John List

San Diego
February 12, 2019
2019 NSFA National Conference
Demystifying the Major Gift Campaign
Karin Cox

Inverness-shire, Scotland
March 4-6, 2019

Think Double! Fundraising Masterclass
Adrian Sargeant

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Looking for a Rewarding Career?

Kinetic Fundraising, Inc. expects to attract at least one hundred new fundraising managers over the next 36 months. Onsite fundraising managers will be deployed to projects throughout the United States and eventually in Europe, Australia, Canada, Africa, Asia and elsewhere. Kinetic is beginning the process of attracting those interested in joining the world’s largest fundraising consulting practice. Placements will support fundraising for visual and performing arts, education, youth development, safety net, healthcare and international engagement organizations. If you are interested in learning more, contact Danny Kohrs, Vice President of Operations at

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