One of the first acts by Gene Tempel, Founding Dean of the new School of Philanthropy at Indiana University was the appointment of Brittany Miller, a doctoral graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in Philanthropic Studies as the first Hartsook Fellow. Brittany is from Livonia, MI and has served as Dean Tempel’s graduate assistant in the IU Foundation President’s office before this appointment.  She will be responsible for assisting the Dean in his work to integrate the School into the University.

Hartsook CEO Matt Beem and I were aggressive in providing funding for Gene Tempel to appoint support for his work in the creation of the School.  Hartsook’s gift to the School was the first since its authorization by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education several weeks ago.

Hartsook is proud of our longtime support of the dream of a School of Philanthropy.  Our gifts go back to the establishment of the Arthur Franzreb Fundraising Lectureship in which Hartsook was the primary funder, a gift of the Franztreb Million Dollar Gift list after the Franztreb Company was bought by Hartsook and Art became Chair Emeritus of Hartsook, the well known gift to create the Robert F. Hartsook Chair in Fundraising and now the Hartsook Companies, Inc. gift to create the Hartsook Fellow.

These four major gifts reinforce our company’s commitment to growing philanthropy and support of the work of America’s—if not the world’s—center of philanthropic thought.  Dean Tempel has one of four recognized Scholar designations, most recently, Robin Rowland—along with Gene.  Others honored are Adrian Sargeant, Art Franztreb and Gerald Panas.  The Hartsook Institute Masters program has begun graduating its first students in fall of 2012.In our hometown, Kansas City, Hartsook is the longtime lead sponsor of the AFP National Philanthropy Day event which this year honored Henry Bloch as KC’s Philanthropist of the year.

Hartsook is proud to be one of the world’s most professionally-oriented fundraising companies. Growing Philanthropy is our mission.