Most of you know I grew up in Kansas and served four higher education institutions, three of them in senior post.  So I can’t help noticing that it’s been a big week for fundraising for a couple of universities that hold my attention, if not a piece of my heart.First, let me tell you how excited I am that Dr. John Bardo has been named President of Wichita State University.  While I have appreciated and respected WSU’s President of 13 years Dr. Don Beggs, I am eager to have a president who can build on Don’s legacy—and frankly, shake the barrel.  He’ll have a big job to do.  Fort Hays State’s enrollment is at 11,000 and WSU’s is still at 14,000.  That’s a problem!  I don’t want to start getting wires crossed for the retired Western Carolina’s Chancellor’s tenure, so all I am going to say is he is my man to build WSU into the largest and most important university in Kansas.  Oops!  I understand that sometimes, my endorsement isn’t helpful, and I don’t want to screw anything up for him.  But I just can’t help myself here.  I just want to see him take this opportunity and make it fly.Next, my fraternity brother and friend, Ed Hammond is completing 25 years as president of Fort Hays State University.  I am very proud that Fort Hays was one of the first contracts Hartsook Companies had almost 25 years ago.  We worked with Dr. Larry Miller, who was the fundraising Vice President at Hays just as Dr. Ed Hammond  was coming on.  I need a separate blog to tell you how this man has changed this sleepy western Kansas college, but he has raised money and created the third largest college in Kansas.There is an important role in every state for colleges – urban, traditional, rural, private and community colleges.  It will be fun to see how the fresh energy of new leadership shapes Fort Hayes and Wichita State in Kansas.  You know I will find a fundraising story or two to share as I watch these stories unfold.