Obviously, the focus of this controversy should be on the victims of child abuse.  We have had many clients who work in this field so we have an up-close view of the short and long-term implications of this horrific crime.  It looks like the police and the legal system will now do their jobs.  A stern message must be sent.

But that is not the subject of this essay.

Donor recognition is going to rear its head very soon. Appropriately, lost in the outrage of this crime is an issue raised to me Monday by Jack Stripling, a reporter for the Chronicle of Higher Education.  The question posed for article, With Sex-Abuse Scandal, Crises Are Multiplying at Penn State, dealt with Assistant Coach Sandusky’s name on a child care facility.  Of course now with new developments, the question has become about Paterno’s name on the University Library and other projects and programs, in part because of his philanthropy to Penn State academic programs.

Well, what do you think?

Does the University leave his name on the building?  Do they owe their donor anything?  Do they fulfill a naming promise?

This is a rapidly developing story, but what is clear is that Coach knew and for whatever reason didn’t follow up on reports.  As this blog is being written the Big Ten has stripped Joe Paterno’s name off of the Big Ten Football Championship Award.  His peers have made their decision.

Send your opinion about how you think this recognition issue should be handled.  If you don’t want to post, send it to me directly at [email protected]

Unfortunately, this isn’t the last time an issue like this will arise.  A healthy discussion now can help you prepare for swift action during a crisis when your head is spinning with questions like, “Why?”