While I don’t necessarily agree with all of Rip Rapson’s comments about philanthropy support, he has raised questions we all need to think about.A Message from the Kresge Foundation President, Rip RapsonWhat’s next: Philanthropy in an age of government retrenchment: from remarks at the Memphis Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence and the Minnesota Council of NonprofitsIt is a pleasure to be here. It has been uplifting to learn more about the work you do daily to enable the region’s nonprofit sector to maintain the reach and quality of its services as we struggle with the continuing aftershocks of the worst recession since the 1930s and the onset of a period of budgetary constraints the severity of which we haven’t seen for a generation.I’d like to use my time this morning to discuss three things:•    First, how the economic downturn has affected the nonprofit landscape;•    Second, what changes are underway at Kresge; and•    Third, how Kresge’s changes may reflect the broader field of philanthropy’s approaches going forward.To read the full article, please click here: