In just a little over a week, Hartsook Consultants will again offer their time and talent as part of our Hartsook Institutes’ Growing Philanthropy Days of Service.  Increasing philanthropy is, after all, our mission.

This time it will be in Washington, DC and Baltimore just before the 47th AFP International Conference between April 9 and 14.  We are excited to have The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, and Loyola University at Baltimore join the Hartsook Institutes for Fundraising and Hartsook Companies, Inc. as partners and hosts for second round of support of nonprofits challenged by funding issues.  These events will be held at the Charles Sumner School in DC on Friday, April 9; Loyola Timonium Campus Saturday, April 10; and on site for the AFP Conference at the Baltimore Hilton Sunday, April 11.

These events in DC and Baltimore follow our first Day of Service, which attracted nearly 50 Kansas City area nonprofits in January as a part of the first National Growing Philanthropy Conference.  The customized sessions involve pre-interviews and post-consultation follow up, and have attracted national and international attention because of the thoroughness of its approach.

All nonprofits must register in advance, agree to an interview before the event, bring at least three people including one board member, with the guidance of a professional fundraising consultant, be prepared to establish at least three actionable goals; and participate in a follow up in 60 days.

This is “no drive by consultation.”  The results of the first Days of Service are remarkable, as nonprofits gained skilsl in setting priorities, began to articulate their goals beyond just money, and raised the confidence of their Boards and leadership.  We are now beginning the followup with those who attended the first day and will let you know what we learn.

If we were skillful home builders, we might give back by building homes for those who needed shelter; if we were cooks, we might make meals to feed the hungry.

We are some of the best and brightest, experienced, professional fundraisers in the world.  As such, we are giving back in the way that shares our unique talent: by working with nonprofits to explore their challenges, and providing the most insightful, thoughtful advice to grow philanthropy for organizations that need it the most.  We are proud of our unique talent and the impact it can have.

If fundraisers don’t accept our role in growing philanthropy, how can we expect it happen?