"Hartsook lent its expertise and provided a realistic, yet challenging, campaign target. This brought peace of mind and confidence and led to the successful completion of our campaign."

Don Kinney, Retired Scout Executive
Blackhawk Area Council, Boy Scouts of America
Rockford, Ill.


"Hartsook’s devotion to walking with us keeps us motivated to do the necessary tasks to achieve the goal we set."

Kevin Patterson, former Scout Executive
Crater Lake Council, Boy Scouts of America
Medford, Ore.


"Hartsook was a great asset to our fundraising team. With their guidance, we completed our successful fundraising campaign and have had record fundraising years. They took the time to learn our culture and determined what would work for our organization."

Bob London, Executive Director
Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity
Kansas City


"Besides helping to develop the campaign, our Hartsook consultant has inspired me to be a better Executive Director in development and administering the program."

Simone Hennessee, Executive Director
Providence House
Shreveport, La.


"We have worked with Hartsook for nearly 15 years and continue to value their team’s experience and advice a great deal. They are a trusted and essential fundraising partner to Open Avenues."

Brenda Neal, Executive Director
Open Avenues
Rogers, Ark.


"Having worked with the Hartsook team for over 10 years, I have always found them to bring structure, discipline and accountability to our work. They provide an invaluable service in equipping our board and campaign cabinet with a deeper understanding of fundraising and major gifts philanthropy. With their support, we have consistently exceeded our goals. They are great partners in philanthropy."

Matthew Naylor, PhD, President & CEO
National WWI Museum and Memorial
Kansas City


"Undergoing a campaign is a big undertaking, but the results for us have been well worth the effort. I would strongly recommend Hartsook to other Corps for advancing the mission of The Salvation Army in their communities."

Captain Robert Duskin
The Salvation Army
Norfolk, Neb.


"We hired Hartsook to do a pre-campaign study and consult on our campaign. Not only did their team strategically work with our volunteers to educate and motivate, they also encouraged us to keep going through some very difficult times. I can honestly say we would not have been able to get this project done without their help."

Janyce Haider, President
Billings Catholic Schools Foundation
Billings, Mont.

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Hartsook is among the world’s leaders in the fundraising profession, with the only named, endowed chair in fundraising in the world – the Robert F. Hartsook Chair in Fundraising, Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University, and the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy.

A Message from Hartsook
Chairman and CEO Matt Beem

Moving Forward Together

We’ve been here before, you and I.

The Black Monday stock market crash in 1987. The tech-bubble burst in the late 1990s. The terror of 9/11 in 2001. The housing collapse in 2008 that sparked the Great Recession.

Hartsook has experienced numerous cycles of uncertainty during its 33 years helping nonprofit organizations raise more money and change more lives.

Now, with the advent of COVID-19, we face new challenges together.

In addition to health concerns, we’re all juggling the demanding and surreal task of moving forward while staying put. It’s a time to be wise. Not panicked, not passive… but wise.

At Hartsook, much wisdom comes from much experience.

Stay Put… Move Forward

With minute-by-minute updates on the virus, we are all dealing with the strange new necessity of adjusting our lives and schedules between opposing priorities: stay put… move forward… stay put… move forward.

In one way, it’s what nonprofits do every day. They adapt to meet the need.

Only now, everything is heightened and amplified.

Here are five time-tested principles to guide our fundraising decision-making as we navigate this season together. Go here to read more.