Seven questions to improve your website design

Your website is the heart or your internet marketing ecosystem

Q: Why build a web­site?
A: It’s an exten­sion of your busi­ness mar­ket­ing, reach­ing new cus­tomers and new markets.

Your web­site design is the key com­po­nent in your inter­net mar­ket­ing ecosystem

Your web­site and other inter­net prop­er­ties are part of your busi­ness mar­ket­ing ecosys­tem, and an exten­sion of your brand on the inter­net, and should be viewed in that con­text and not as iso­lated objects. You web­site design should be rein­forc­ing your brand and extend­ing your mar­ket­ing mes­sages to reach poten­tial cus­tomers on their terms.

To help with your web­site design it’s use­ful to know what your goals are for hav­ing a web­site and how the web­site fits with the rest of your marketing.

Here are seven ques­tions that will help you under­stand what you need for your website:

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How to embed a viewable pdf in a WordPress post


Nor­mally putting the URL of a pdf on a line by itself doesn’t dis­play the pdf on a Word­Press page, and if you use the add media but­ton and paste the URL for the pdf into the URL field, you get a link that will open the pdf, but the pdf does not dis­play on the page itself,

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Trouble moving your site to Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Plan? — Here are some pointers

entrance only do not enter

Recently a reader raised a ques­tion in a com­ment to a pre­vi­ous post. He was con­fused about how to move an exist­ing site to Godaddy Man­aged Word­Press Host­ing. Hav­ing done this sev­eral dozen times now I’ve devel­oped some “best prac­tices” and work-arounds I can share.

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Google filters out websites that are not mobile-friendly from search results — how to check your site

click to go and check your website

Google has started rolling out fil­ter­ing for Google searches from mobile devices. If you site doesn’t meet the cri­te­ria for mobile-friendly, your site won’t show up in the search results no mat­ter how rel­e­vant your page is to the search. … Con­tinue reading →

WordPress 3.9 is almost here


Release Can­di­date RC1 has been deployed.

I’m try­ing that out on my Hart­sook Let­ter Stag­ing site. Every­thing looks good so far, I haven’t found my theme or plu­g­ins break­ing. You can take a look for your­self at (the link will open in a new win­dow so you can com­pare 3.8.2 and 3.9 if you want to.

Here’s a link to what has to say about 3.9 RC1

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Growing Pains for GoDaddy WordPress Managed Hosting — no easy way to backup your site!

It's not easy...

Admit­tedly it’s a new prod­uct, but cur­rently there is no ele­gant way to man­u­ally backup your Word­Press site at GoDaddy Word­Press Man­aged Host­ing. GoDaddy does take a nightly snap­shot of the files and data­base and keeps it around for 30 days. If you want to roll­back to a pre­vi­ous ver­sion, you have to call cus­tomer sup­port and get them to do it. But change is coming…

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Is it time to give GoDaddy WordPress hosting another chance?


Host­ing your Word­Press web­site on GoDaddy has been strongly dis­cour­aged by me and most of the Word­Press con­sul­tants I know. But GoDaddy has just intro­duced a new Word­Press Man­aged Host­ing plan that may change all that.

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WordPress site migration, copying your site and moving it


There are sev­eral rea­sons why you might want to copy your website,

  • you want to make a “sand­box” copy to exper­i­ment on, with­out affect­ing the public-facing pro­duc­tion site
  • you want to change host­ing com­pa­nies to get a bet­ter deal, faster per­for­mance or more functionality
  • hav­ing a com­plete copy of your web­site is a great insur­ance pol­icy should some­thing hap­pen to your host and your site is lost.
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Are your website pages loading slowly? This might help…


Jet­pack Pho­ton should help I rec­om­mend Jetpack-Photon mod­ule (deac­ti­vate all the other Jet­pack mod­ules you don’t use). Pho­ton is an image-only CDN solu­tion using Automatic’s servers. All your images are uploaded to their servers the next time the image is … Con­tinue reading →

It’s OK to go ahead now… WARNING! Don’t update BackWPup plugin to version 3.x yet It’s OK to go ahead now…


Back­W­Pup plu­gin devel­oper, Daniel Huesken has decided to begin offer­ing a “Pro” ver­sion begin­ning with ver­sion 3.0 of the plu­gin. I don’t have a prob­lem with this and in some cases might rec­om­mend the Pro ver­sion to some of my clients. All … Con­tinue reading →

Relevanssi plugin breaks WordPress built-in editor searchs

this is a caption

Rel­e­vanssi — A Bet­ter Search plu­gin breaks the search func­tion in the “Media Library’, “Insert Media panel”, and also the ‘Insert link to exist­ing con­tent” in the hyper­link panel. Rel­e­vanssi replaces Word­Press default search with a partial-match search that sorts results … Con­tinue reading →

Simple Image Map Creation, but there is a caution flag!


Some­one at our recent Weekly Word­Press Sup­port Group at Tech­Lim­i­nal in Oak­land CA asked about how to cre­ate an image map to use as a nav­i­ga­tion fea­ture. There are web­sites that will do this for you and of course you can do … Con­tinue reading →

Plugin conflict: Simple Facebook Connect and Grunion Forms

Sometimes plugins just don't play nicely with each other

Prob­lem Reported: With Sim­ple Face­book Con­nect installed, the ver­sion of  Grunion Forms that comes with Jet­pack no longer shows the form when the post is dis­played. The short codes show up in the edi­tor, but the form itself doesn’t dis­play. … Con­tinue reading →

Weaver Theme bug identified & resolved

Weaver Theme bug

While I was con­fig­ur­ing options in the Weaver theme (Weaver II-Pro) in prepa­ra­tion for my pre­sen­ta­tion at the Con­fig­urable Themes pre­sen­ta­tion for the Oak­land Word­Press Meetup the other day when I dis­cov­ered a strange behav­ior when select­ing one of Weaver theme’s … Con­tinue reading →

Testing a new Picasa and Flicker plugin for WordPress — Photonic

photonic shortcode

I just pasted the URL of a Picasa album below ( Using the raw URL doesn’t does work, but mak­ing it a link will take you to the album at Picasa Using the Pho­tonic “short­code” will also make it work. The … Con­tinue reading →

TimThumb security risk and solution — find out if this affects you!


There is a great post on the back­ground of this prob­lem by Mark Maun­der that I rec­om­mend you read to under­stand the sever­ity of the issue: Tech­ni­cal details and scripts of the Word­Press TimThumb.php hack But even bet­ter, Mark has writ­ten … Con­tinue reading →

WordPress BackWPup backup plugin is broken fixed

broken plugin

The best free backup plu­gin, the one I’ve been using on my site and rec­om­mend and install for my clients is Back­W­Pup.  It backs up your data­base and your files too. And it can auto­mat­i­cally cre­ate and send the back­ups … Con­tinue reading →

Referrer spam, what is it, should you worry about it, and what can you do about it?

no spam

I first became aware of the Refer­rer Spam prob­lem after installing and using the Word­Press plu­gin Stat Surfer. One of Stat Surfer’s sta­tis­tics cat­e­gories is Top Refer­rers. I noticed on a business-client’s site they were get­ting refer­ral traf­fic from porn … Con­tinue reading →

Don’t use this Scribd plugin for iPaper docs — use Embedly instead

Scribd wordpress option

I wanted to dis­play a slide show that was hosted on (see Mary Meeker’s slides on theBril­liant analy­sis of cur­rent inter­net mar­ket­ing trends post). There is a lot of good con­tent on Scribd that you may want to share with … Con­tinue reading →

StatSurfer – WordPress Statistics plugin


Stat­Surfer dash­board wid­get doesn’t use Google Ana­lyt­ics. Stat­Surfer is the evo­lu­tion of Stat­Press and Stat­Press Reloaded, the plu­gin is there­fore con­sis­tent with the data of the two Stat­Press sys­tems. I like the aggre­gate dis­play graph and the alter­na­tive view of … Con­tinue reading →